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After having said for roughly 25 years that one day I would become a photographer, I woke up on a november morning in 2020 and realised that I already was a photographer and that I didn’t need to become one. I had been training my eyes for years and the only thing that kept me from being a photographer was taking those goddamn photos… 

From that day I started behaving like one.


My first series ‘Comforting Silence’ is about finding all we need in solitude and stillness. After half a lifetime searching for answers in the outside world, this project drew me further into the silence inside myself which revealed many answers that I didn't know I was looking for. The project has a deep relation with my personal transformation processes and with my fascination for life and the mystery of mankind. 


In my photography I have a strong urge to simplify and leave unnecessary things out. Everything is already here and if we look closely we find more beauty than man can ever arrange consciously. To me it is the presence of man that often and unintentionally adds an aesthetic tension to a preferred natural setting, in which I find glimpses of the magic of life.


For inquiries please contact me via:


TEL +31 619210915



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